17 Jan 2016


Pernah tidak kamu berhenti di satu persimpangan dan menyadari ternyata kamu tidak kemana-mana?
Kamu menyadari tidak ada rumah yang kamu tinggalkan.
Kamu menyadari kamu tidak sedang menuju kemanapun.

Pernah tidak kamu terdiam di satu sujud dan menyadari ternyata kamu tidak pernah menjadi apa-apa?
Kamu menyadari apa yang telah kamu ciptakan di sekelilingmu.
Kamu menyadari tidak ada hal baik yang besar yang bisa kamu ciptakan.

13 Jan 2016

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never did..
Thats it.


Oh hello again my old and dusty digital diary. It's thursday, December 31th, last day on 2015 and I had soooo muuuuch fun today, Alhamdulillaah.

Why why why?
Because my #undanganpernikahanmodern business line was finally running for 5 months yayyyyyyyyyyy.... :) I love everything about wedding, especially the details, the sparkles of prayers, and the enjoyment it shares. This wedding invitation business is something I am very, very, very passionate about because me and my sister provide modern design that only prepared for muslim couple, and surely it's achievable and full of coloooorrssssssssss!

It was an awesome experience to talk with people who actually text me to share about their wedding concept, even when they know i'm not even married (nor even getting closer to it hehe). But it really means a lot to me, to us. Thank you so much for sharing ^^

I feel so.... happy. Alhamdulillah. wa Syukurillaah. Grateful. Can't wait for those sparkles of invitations on 2016 when my business will officially be quite bigger! Aaamiiiin.. :) Anyway you can have any closer look on our instagram @imayzing, feel free to hit the Follow button and let the wedding atmosphere spreads around you like you heard em yell: nikah yuuuuuuuk :))

Meanwhile, you can text me to talk about what you will love about your wedding invitation. Yay!
See you on your wedding project!