7 Apr 2012

bismillah ya sayyidah

yaah, i just created a digital flyer about re-concept program information. Buku Tahunan Vokasi Kedokteran UI Angkatan 2009 will enter the brainstorming phase in the next two weeks, insha Allah. and as I run as the front liner I have to stand twice tougher. hoff bismillah ~

this April and May will be a very very hectic months for me. with the team, we have to finish the whole yearbook concepts right before May comes. and we also have to start the photo session and make a time schedule for it. because in May, i might have to present my college-final-task in RSAB Harapan Kita. and now, in the end of the first week of April, i was stuck in the chapter 3.
okay you can now imagine how cruel my head was. hof hof hof

lastly, can you listen what song runs inside my head ?
. . .
hem, i think it was my alarm ringtone .____.